help...disapearin network ?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by eddielee, Dec 10, 2002.

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    well my network has been working fine now for 12 months ...but just lately i have been havin probs.....right i have 2 pcs networked together through IEEE 1394 adapters ..or firewire as i like to call em.....i boot both pc's up and all seems fine...but when i start to transfer something aftr about 30 seconds it stops and gives me a message...."network path not accessible"...i really dont understand whats going on ...when i reboot its there again...HELP
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    Check Windows Update or the manufactuers website for updated drivers for the IEEE1394 network kit. Or if new drivers were installed recently (or automatically with Automaitic Windows Updates), try rolling back the driver in the device manager.

    Was any other communications/network software or hardware configured before it stopped working (other NIC cards, USB broadband modems, etc)

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    all drivers are up to date ......when i reboot ..the network is fine...but again as soon as i start to transfer 30secs in "network location is not available "....really dont understand it...why would it right its self with a reboot ?