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Help delete this

Ok I was using this program called "Privacy Master" and uninstalled it. When I go to boot up I get a message on my desktop saying "Program Failure Can't run Privacy Master" (Will ya da, I uninstalled your dumb ass program..) I ran a search to erase any traces leftover in my main drive as well as the registry and cleaned afterwards.

"Hey the site looks COOL! I like it..
First thing to do is check the Startup folder in your Start Menu to see if there is any reference to the program, and delete it if it's there.
Next click Start>Run and type msconfig. Click the Startup tab, see if there are any references to the app there as well, and uncheck those. Then go through a reboot to check that the error msg doesn't pop up again.

Hope that helps :)


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there might be some left over registry keys

have a look in these locations & delete any reference to Privacy Master

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Windows \CurrentVersion \Run

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Software \Microsoft \Windows \CurrentVersion \Run


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I have used programs like RegCleaner (google search for it) after an uninstall to ensure that no traces of an application remains. It automates the process of removing any registry keys that may be left standing.
regedit-did that> nothing
msconfig-did that> nothing
RegCleaner> ran that days ago to clean everything. Still shows up. If anybody knows what other name it might be disguising itself as let me know.. Peace guys. Thanks for the leg work. appreciate it. I keep trying and let you know if I find it!..
Its an Icon that says "PowerReg Scheduler" I went into properties but it didn't give a company name. I'm not sure what this would be other then Privacy Master. thanks HD!
I finally got rid of this thing. Just to follow up. I emailed the Webroot techs and they emailed this back to me on how to delete the above mentioned. Just incase anyone else runs into "Privacy Master"

" Go to your Start button, slide up to run and type: REGEDIT
Press okay. Click on EDIT (up top) and slide down to FIND.
Enter PRIVACYMASTER (no space).
Click the find button. When it finds it right click on it and
choose 'delete'. Press F3 (it will search again). When it finds it right click again and choose 'delete'. Keep doing this (pressing F3 and deleting all entries of privacymaster) until it says that its finished searching the registry. Then close the registry editor.
You will then need to manually remove the program with the instructions below:

1. Click on the attachment to this email (blindremove.exe) and save it to disk.
2. Run the file.
3. Reboot your system.
4. Run the file again.

This should now have completely removed Privacy Matser and you should be now
able to reinstall if you wish. "

If anyone runs into this email support@webroot.com and ask them to send you the "blindremover.exe"


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I hate programs which dont uninstall properly and leave crap lying around. I use unclean to uninstall things and it seems pretty good. If I was really picky about this I would run intctrl5 while installing things to monitor what gets installed/where
What sucks is I did all of what the Webroot tech had mentioned in the above instructions and I had NO leftovers in my registry of PRIVACYMASTER but after I ran their " blindremove.exe " it eliminated the problem. I did a search on google for blindremove.exe and came up with 0 hits. Evidently its a home brew .exe program that webroot came up with.


Suprised they even bothered mailing back to you. maybe they have had a change of management..lol WDT

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