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help...comp booting up but nothing on the monitor??



hmm whats up...first post :D
ahh yeah my problem...I'm running winxp pro and have never had this problem until recently...whenever I restart my comp, everything would go fine. I'd see the exit screen and everything and then my cpu reboots. The thing is, as soon as it reboots, I don't see anything on the screen but I can see and hear the hard drive running and doing all the startup stuff. Anyone know what my problem is? It's never done this before and is really annoying. :confused:


First of all welcome to xp-erience

have you added any new hardware or changed any setting's before this started happening?
When you do a cold boot does it work ok?

One thing you might want to do is open up your case and make sure that your video card is seated properly.


try booting up into safe mode and see if it still happens at that time. To do this, when the "starting windows" bar is displayed at the bottom of the screen, along with a progress bar, press F8 on your keyboard. You may have to act quick, depending on whether you see that or not, I usually just start pressing the button several times after the power-on-self-test completes.

If you can get it up in safe mode, right click on my computer, go down to properties, advanced tab, then the settings button under startup and recovery. Make sure that "automatically reboot is unchecked, if it isn't, uncheck it. Then try restarting.

If it still occurs after doing this, hopefully you'll get the blue screen of death showing what is going on with this rebooting problem.

If it doesn't come up with a BSOD, then you may blame the problem on a recent change to your computer. I installed a sub-program to Nero Burning ROM that allows direct access to a cd-r/cd-rw, much like DirectCD from Roxio. When I installed this, I had the same problem with the computer rebooting all the time in an endless loop. I successfully uninstalled this program from safe mode, and all is well.

It could also be faulty hardware that is causing the problem too, especially if you didn't install or change any of the software.


thanks for the replies...the thing is I hardly restart my comp, only when I install something, and I don't recall installing anything recently. Everything is fine if I just do a cold boot or shut down my comp and start it up again after a couple of minutes except when I restart it from windows. ::confused::

Mr. K

OSNN Occasional
The problem _may_ be with your monitor.

I've seen symptoms like this on computers with old or cheap monitors. I suppose the brief loss of video signal when you restart confuses the monitor... This may explain why you don't have the problem after a cold boot, or even turning off your comp for a short while -- in these cases, I imagine, the screen has a chance to adapt to the lack of signal.

Turning off the monitor for a few seconds fixed it for me.

Hope this helps...

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