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Help at Christmas???



Subject: Bringing a little happiness into my life.

To my friends @ NTFS Forum,

There are times when we all wish we could do some good for our fellow human beings.
As I have become older and more aware of the virtues associated with lending a helping hand, I feel better about myself and the world around me.
I would like you to share in that happiness.
To this end I am asking for your support in my latest endeavour. I have applied to adopt a set of twins that have been orphaned by the conflict in Afghanistan.
As you are all aware I am settled here now and I feel that it is time to share my life style with others.
Having seen the orphans for the first time today I could not resist but to offer them a place in my home.
I know that you may think that I am a little crazy, but believe me I have thought this out properly.
Your short term financial support to get the twins to Saudi would be appreciated. I know that it is in poor taste to ask for money from friends and family, but I feel that this is one of those special occasions.
Just send whatever you can, or let me know how you can help.
Thank you for your support and I know the twins will be thankful.

PS: a recent photo of the twins is attached

Best Regards, and May you all have a Great Christmas & New Year.

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