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17 Jan 2007
I'm new here **Waves wildly** so first let me start by saying hi. And second let me say I'm not sure if this has been posted so if it has I apologize for reposting.

But I have Windows 2000. (a barbarian yes). And I just installed a new AV called Defender Pro, switching from Norton Internet Security because my Norton needed to be updated and I couldnt do it yet, so I got this Defender Pro and installed it. It seems to come with about 15 different internet security programs, BUT A MAJOR CONCERN is that since I installed it yesterday, with frequent regularity I've been getting a "Helkern Attack" warning. It says:

You computer has been attacked from (IP ADDRESS HERE). Attack: Helkern. The attack was sucessfully repulsed.

Now I know it says it was sucessfully repulsed so yay for me. :laugh: But I'm worried because it's happening almost every hour at times. I just installed this yesterday and my log has it appearing 8 times. With Norton Internet Security I NEVER got this before. In fact I think in the month I had it, I only got a virus warning three times. With Defender Pro I'm getting Helkern attacks 8 times in 24 hours.

Should I be worried. I dont know anything about a Helkern attack or the quality of Defender Pro in relation to Norton.

Is my computer under attack. Is Neo tryin to get me in the matrix? Or should I not be worried?

Thanks for any help you guys can offer.

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