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Heated Debate

Me too, lol...

Since I quit drinking Jalepenos are the only way I can legitimately get that 'glow' goin on in my stomach... when they get cooked they're even hotter, they really compliment the pepperoni well. :D


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Hate those "bready" American Pizzas!
Nothing beats an Italian pizza! Lots of stuff on it, cheap and not so thick and lumpy as the American ones:) (no offence to you from US)

The old "Grandiosa" With or without Taco taste is still me favorite.. ohh yeah .. Big 1 is also a good pizza.. Pizza pizza pizza its all about pizza all of a sudden isnt it..

Pizza out!

Here in NB, Canada we have a Pizza chain called Greco. They have Donair Pizzas. They're pretty good. Anyone else out there make these?


I'm all ears
PIZZA HUT owns, there isnt one where i live but the one I went to was awsome, had a nice cold beer and the waitress was mint :D, it was in Stoke somewhere, near Trethem-Gardens I think...

Ofcourse you had a cold beer..they usualy serve cold beers in our country 2.. hot beers aint my thing... :D ehehe

Nothing beats me own made pizza..without cheese..yes ur reading right...no cheese, just olives and mushrooms, boiled eggs,nudles,raw meat,ketchup and alot of garlic...

Tasty eh?

While playing the old Pizza Tycoon...i made a pizza almost like that-- got a 8 score on that pizza...hahaha totaly unbelievable...
I called it "Cheef Special" Wount regret a taste!



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Haha LightWave! You have certainly a strange taste:D

As for Pizza Tycoon, that was my fav. game before, bought another pizza-making game 2 years ago too...can't remember the name (will lookup when i get home). And that was fun as hell!


Dunno if Papa's sweet, juicy pizza has made it across the pond, but it's the best around me...Were I in Chicago, on the otherhand...
:edit: Italian pizza is also great, but hard to come by a good one around here. I'm all about the thick, bready "american" pizza though. Unless it's Italian style, if it crunches, I don't eat it. Unless I'm very hungry, of course. Because lets face it, pizza is pizza, no matter where you go, what's on it, or how thick the crust is.

Hugh Magoo

Most Pizza Huts I have seen are filthy dumps. The last time I went to the local Pizza Hut there was more crickets in and around the building than I have ever seen in my life. And the local Domino's here tastes like crap. I believe they make plain pies ahead of time and then add the ingredients.

anyways, these both suck. aside from the NJ/NY area's mom&pop pizza joints I would have to say that Papa John's is the best pizza chain around in the states.

if you don't have one of those near you, too bad. pray for better.

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Hahah, Hugh that sounds well horrible.
I guess standards are higher here in the UK,

Freschetta is a fine brand of home cooked pizza over here, the oven doesn't even need to be hot and the pizza rises very nice...I think you just released something similar in the USA last time I Was there (September)

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