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hdtv (not sure where to put this)


I have seen monitors with stuff kinda likeburned onto the screen. Well i got a 55inch hd tv for cheap from a guy moving. I didn't notice it but there is something imaged onto the screen, its not big or anything and you can't really notice but it would be nice not to be there. Is there a way to get it out of there? Its a crt hdtv is that mattes.


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Can you see it if you took a picture and posted it here? I can't really visual what you are describing.


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He is talking about how if a certain logo is in the corner on a certain channel over time it will "burn" into the screen. I dont think u can do anything about it...sorry :(
Are you sure it's a CRT, or is it a CRT based projection set? I never heard of a 55 inch tube before?

If it is a 55" CRT (or plasma), once an image is burned in it's there for life. The phosphours on the screen have actually been damaged.

On the other hand if it isn't a burned in image it could just be stray magnetization which can be degaussed (don't try this yourself you can make a bloddy mess of it) or the magnets that guide the electron beams could be out of alignment (or damaged) which a good tech may be able to fix. Can you tell if it's a channel logo or something.

If it's a projection TV you need to find out if the image is burned into the screen or is burned into the projection tubes/lenses. Being too cheap to buy any of the expensive toys projection systems are beyond my experience and I'd suggest calling a repair shop or the manufacturer to see what they say.


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Leejend is right, if it is a DLP tv that uses a mirror chip the set needs to be recalibrated by an I.S.F tech. If it is a Plasma monitor then the image will be there, for the rest of the tv life :cry: somehting that big though has to be a DLP set, projection tv. These use a Texas Instruments Micro mirror chip.

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