Hdisk Problem : Unknown File System


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My harddisk has bad clusters but is still readable, then I decided to buy a new hard disk so that I can Transfer my files, but when I opened my computer and right-clicked on the drive with a bad cluster is says that the disk is not formatted and the file system is "RAW" it also reported that there are zero bytes in use and zero bytes free, since the file system is raw, I tried to convert iot to NTFS using the command prompt, but reported that it is already NTFS, the quetion is: is there a possible way to recover my files on that drive? Im hoping for your immediate help. Thanks in advance..............


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lots of things to try, basically comes down to preferrence.

Ghost may see the partiton, you could copy it with that

A Live linux disto could be used to see the partiton and move the data.


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Thank you very much for the help, I have tried the SpinRite app (used the #2 option: recover data), and now I can see my files and folders, when I right click on the drive it shows the correct used space & Free space, but still I cannot access my files, when I hover the mouse over the folders it say "folder empty" and the other files cannot be opened from any application or program, I cant also change the file attibutes and I cant copy all the files and folders, It always says that "make sure the disk is not full or write protected". I know this is not about rights to the files because Im logged as Administrator. Hope you could spare a time to help me, thanks again in advance...............


- Files and folder can be seen but cannot be accessed
- Files and folder cannot be read/copied
- When the mouse is hovered above the folders it says "Folder Empty"


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The drive im talking about is a separate drive its not where my OS sits. The drive that has a bad cluster is the third drive on my computer.


Not Too eXPerienced
I already have figured it out, I cant explain why but what I did is to enable file sharing turned it back off and I have regained control of my files, thanks for the help anyway, especially for the SpinRite thing......

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