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HDD with a clunk

Lately, it's been quite difficult for me to start my XP.Whenever I start the PC it will say 'read error' and cannot be started.This will take several times of restarting until it finally burst into life to start XP.I've done a fresh install and all hardwares checked for any hang loose.And when the system is shut off it goes off with a loud clunk. I've done SMART checks and ckhdsk with F but not results of disk dying.Is this a sign of the disk going away ?? What should I do next ??
Been using it for a year now..let see...fromatted twice or maybe the third time I think..so what's the best solution ?? I don't mind changing the drive but what about the other partitions on the drive ? I mean will this affect them too ( other 3 partitions) or should I just delete the partition with the OS and reinstall in another partition ??
I say backup now. Sounds like there could be a bearing loose inside the drive. If the drive fails, you lose all three partitions.
OKay..now done., switched the drive to slave but I've lost some partitions.How do I recover it back ? ( if possible ) Using ' disk management' it did said there is 76.3 GB on the disk but only the first partition ( 31 GB ) is visible..how to recover the rest ? Tried using Partition Magic to do it but it says ' bad parameters ' ....If I could only retrieve back all the files in there....


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once it's lost, unless you have a lot of money for data recovery, forget it..

if you find a prog to do it, it is so time intensive to recover files, it's really not worth it.

the loud clunk means the heads are striking the backplate, meaning the drives on it's way out.

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