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HDD Spin up on shutdown


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When I shutdown or reset windows, the computer pauses on the "windows is shutting down" screen whilst I can hear the HDD spin down.
A few seconds later the HDD spins up again and then down again before the computer switches off.
I don't know if this will wear the drive out quicker or what, but is there any way I can stop this?

I am running windows XP pro, and the disk is an IBM running on a promise Ultra 100 TX2 IDE controller card.
This is a Windows shutdown thing. Windows tells the drive to shut down and it does. Then, some driver or app or Windows tries to do some last access to the disk, which then spins up again. It's really stupid.

I think a reinstall might help. Trying to find the problem now is too hard unless you feel like brute force testing every app and driver you have...

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