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HDD Dilemma!!


Smokin & Jokin
I'm going to invest in a new hardrive in the near future
but I am concerned about which hardrive should go where:)

Here's my current setup....

Primary Master (OS installed on here): 20gb Quantum Fireball 7200rpm 2mb cache

Primary Slave (Keep s**t on here): 60gb Maxtor Fireball 7200rpm 2mb cache

My future HDD will be a 120gb Maxtor Fireball 7200rpm 8mb cache...

My 20gb is going bye bye but I don't know which HDD to install XP on....
The 60 or the 120...
Somebody told me its best to have Windows on the HDD with the
bigger memory cache....is that true???

I usually store as much stuff as possible on the HDD with no OS
therefore it won't clutter up Windows....

Well, I'd put Windows on the newer drive (since it's almost certainly also a faster drive), but there's no reason why you wouldn't partition the 120Gb out first. I have an 80Gb drive and I have 3 partitions on it - 1 15 Gb for Windows + apps, 1 35 Gb for games, and 1 25 Gb for misc. crap.
Yeah what dipso said, but here's another variation on the same theme:

drive 1 partition 1 - 15 gigs for windows and "business apps"
drive 1 partition 2 - 30 gigs, games, saved downloads, pathces, and a large fixed size pagefile.

drive2 partition 1 - 15 gigs (this is an image copy of HD P1 that i copy over once a week when everythign is running smooth. I use partition magic to do that.
drive 1 partition 2 - bulk stuff i don't use taht often and backup of my patch collection, mp3's etc.
drive 2 partition 3 - an empty directory i use to dump cdrw images to, etc

I'd juggle it a little since you'll have 120 on HD 1 and 60 on HD 2. but you get teh idea. also hd one letters can be set past your cdrw, dvd etc i,j,k...
oops meant HD2's letter can be moved past the cd's etc.

makes for easier accsess. The partitions and letter moves are doen from administrative tools. Do a help seacrh if you can't find it The disk maanagement tools are WELL hidden.


Smokin & Jokin

Alrighty then, thx for help guys!!
One more question:
Should I install Office XP and other applications on the partition with XP on?


I have a A7V333 w/Raid..but use the Lumberjack Tweaked Bios and I have 4 Maxtors ATA 133 (Maxtor DiamondMax 9's)...2 on the Promise Controller Full UDMA 133...which will also accomadate CDR/CDRW/DVD or any other ATAPI Device....no reason to ditch the 20gig HDD if you have a IDE to put it on...at least it will hold backups

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