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HDD Chkdsk issues


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Ok I posted this the other day but never saw the thread appear, so here goes for a second time.

I'll start at the beginning, I've had my laptop for a while now (Since Nov 2004) and have yet to actually defrag it a single time, so the other night I figured I would give it the once over with PerfectDisk v7. I opted for an offline defrag and rebooted the machine to get things going but it refused to perform the defrag, instead suggesting that I run chkdks with /r & /f options beforehand, ok no problem I set that going and walked away. Coming back about 53% into the surface scan I see the screen scrolling the same error repeatedly "The disk does not have enough space to replace bad clusters detected in file xxxxx of name ." (xxxxx being 50000 something at the time and went on until at least 90000). That first time I must have had about 6.9GB's of space on the 60GB drive, I cleared another 10 or so Gig and ran chkdsk again with the same results. So anyone have any clue what's going on here? Any suggestions are greatly appriciated. Thanks. :)
From Microsoft:

"Bad sectors reported by chkdsk were marked as bad when your disk was first prepared for operation. They pose no danger"

Try running chkdsk x: /f alone (x=your drive letter)


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But I ran Spinrite v6 on the drive and it reports absolutely no bad sectors on the disk, this thing is still well within warrenty anyway, maybe I can get away with taking it back and getting a replacement. Cheers for your help guys. :)

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