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I'm trying to install a new hd but i can't because one ide ribbon is hooked to my cdrw and the dvd-ROM.an the other is hooked to my hd and my dvdrw and the third on is hooked straight to the floppy.and all the ribbons are token up.how can i hook the new hd up



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Not possible is it? Why didnt you think of this before buying a new HD? Or, if your mobo supports it, could you not have got SATA?

Dont think you can have more than 2 'things' on any one IDE. Am i right....am i?
i think mobo's support up to 4 ide but since you have a DVD rom and a DVD rw then you dont need the DVD ROM disconnect it and replace it with the DVD-RW and there you got space
Teddy, You're right!.

You have a Primary and a Secondary IDE channel with a maximum of 2 devices per channel.

Saying that, I had a M/B once that had a primary & a secondary IDE channel, but then it also had an IDE Raid giving you another primary and secondary channel.

jayder, if your motherboard has SATA, see if you can change your HD. If this isn't possible look into buying an IDE controller card. This would give you another primary/secondary set of channels. I've seen these starting at less than £10.


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when i opened it the jumper was on the right far end and i moved it to the left end where the ribbon go in is the the slave
It depends on what drive you have. The jumper settings for master and alave should be printed on the drive.

And if you have it on its own channel anyway on the new IDE card, you might as well set it as master. It doesn't really matter.

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