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The One and Only
Anyone know of any computer games currently out that support 1080i High-Definition resolution? really wanna see if there's a decent difference.
Any game that outputs 1920x1080 will do. Just hook an DVI-to-HDMI cable up to your TV and there you go! I know for a fact that Oblivion supports this resolution since I'm looking at it now; definitely the best game to try it out with.
You're all set then! However, computer monitors are progressive scan rather than interlaced, so you will actually be playing 1080p, which is a better deal anyway since you'll get double the framerate. The "i" and the "p" are indicators of how the monitor scans the picture, but the resolution is the same.

A standard interlaced scan at 60Hz shows 30 frames of horizontal and 30 frames of vertical every second, so if your game goes over 30FPS, you can't see it anyway. Interlaced, like a computer monitor, scans the full 60 frames per second, meaning that you will be able to see a framerate that high.

The best example I could give is playing Grand Theft Auto 3 on your PC. It has a "frame limiter" feature that cuts the game down to 30FPS (or 25, I can't remember) which was originally intended for televisions. When you turn it off, it makes everything run at a full framerate, which actually looks pretty weird when you're used to the frame-limited game. But it's better!
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The One and Only
might be able to play it at either 1080i or 1080p then.... since my monitor supports 1080i..... unless you mean that COMPUTERS can only display in progressive scan, not the monitor.


The One and Only
Hey... uuh..... Oblivion don't give me the option to choose 1080i..... the highest resolution it gives me is 1680x1050. do i have to change my desktop resolution to the high-definition resolution before i start the game to have it show up?
If your monitor doesn't support it, just pick a different 16x9 resolution ratio. Oblivion only shows what it detects your monitor will do.

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