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HD Audio, HD Speakers?


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If you have HD Audio drivers installed (HD Audio hardware, on board), is there a reason why cheap, normal speakers do not work?

I have a front panel with mic and headphone jack. In th bios i have the option to configure the front panel to be AC97 and NOT HD audio. The speakers work fine out the front (configured as headphones).

The setup for the rear panel comes up on screen:
Sub, Side Speakers, Rear Speakers, Headphones, Line Out, etc. If i choose Headphones I dont get sound. Any other setting I dont get sound. There is no option to turn HD Audio off in the back.

I installed a hotfix provided by windows.. something about the driver not functioning (originally supplied by MS). The system is a 64 bit Intel, P5LPD2.
budget specs, but besides all that, even with new realtek drivers provided by realtek, the only way i can get sound thru these cheap speakers is AC97 front panel as headphones.

Any help on this? I need to understand why this is happening. I used driver cleaner to start fresh.. thinking originally something was corrupted.

thanks guys

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
What motherboard do you have?

Most on-board sound cards will disconnect the back connectors when headphones are plugged it.

If the front panel is part of the case then you must've used the audio header. There's a jumper that, whenusing the front connections, connects to a switch in the headphone/mic jack and disconnects the rear when a plug is insered into the front.

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