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Has my memory gone bad?


Any help/advice on this would be appreciated. For some reason, when I am playing games on my PC they seem to crash back to my desktop and in some instances, reboot the PC totally. I've tried Mafia, Deus Ex, MOHAA and Championship Manager and they all crash. I'm thinking that some of my PC memory may have gone duff-do you agree or am I wrong and it could be something else?

Thanks in advance for any help given

Sorry, I forgot, I've got 2x256MB PC2100 DDR Ram modules in a P4 1.8 Ghz system.


can you give system specs?

Have you done any driver updates recently? any new programs loaded?
Sorry, edited my original post after your reply. Full spec

P4 1.8Ghz
2 x 256 PC2100 DDR Ram
GeForce 2 MX400 Graphics card
Asus P4S533 Mobo
1 x 80GB HDD
1 x 20GB HDD
Onboard sound
DVD Drive
CD Writer
XP Pro

Haven't done any driver updates for a while now and not installed any new programs recently (apart from the games)

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