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Has anyone heard of "voblaizdupla"? Malware?


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Does anyone know anything about something called volbaizdupla? It popped up in system32 folder and tried to access the internet when I logged on to a network. File name voblaizdupla.exe. Search engines give out absolutely nothing, Symantec says its not a virus and Spybot, along with a battery of other small anti-spyware and etc, doesnt recognize it.

Doesnt seem super dangerous, I got it quarantined.. I find it interesting that no one nowhere has anything posted on it.


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Re: voblaizdupla

spelling is good on the filename :lick:

heres more info on what it did:

It tried to access the internet twice, once to no specified destination and then again at the very same time to destination IP (says ZoneAlarm)

Nothing in the file properties seems relevant other than its 6.92 KB, The date only indicates when I unquarantined it (I should have noted it before - and 6.92 KB seems pretty small to me).

I would have to run let the program run again in order for hijackthis to tell me anything and I would rather wait for a miracle answer. :) If it gets to that though, Ill do it. I am tempted to submit it to symantec or other corps.


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Re: voblaizdupla

Its starting to pop up over other forums too now, seems like its a trojan and definitions are coming out for it, already have on some anti-viruses and anti-whatevers. Not too efficient a trojan though since you only have to stop and delete it... Thanks all! The ppl at ripe.net are, um, am I allowed to swear?


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Re: voblaizdupla

DSLavictoire said:
....am I allowed to swear?
yes and no.....

I shall demonstrate:- "The man that should not have been there felt like a spare prick at the wedding" - "I turned the air blue after I dropped the ****ing brick on my bloody toe"

See? ;)
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another lesson in the "Using English in a colorful, and alliterative way."

Thank you MFG :D
DLavictoire-thanks for the heads up

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