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  1. okay, my system is almost complete i swamp out my old parts and put it into this $300 case w/ 3 windows, today i just bought a new keyboard, and i alreayd have a optical mouse and 21 trinitron monitor, and i bought 2 lights, next step is my sound sys. then new vidcard, hten new mobo, cpu, mem. then car (300 zx, bmw m5, lexus gs430 (i wish whichever, heehe))

    well the purpose of this post is what sound system to get. i know kliscper (cant spell) is the best, but is there a cheap system but sounds like a klipster promedia x.xx. MAYBE the logitech one ?

    + : do i need a good sound card for this, this has been a debate for yrs. some ppl say that sound cards dont make a differ some say there is, so can u all help me calrify this and tell me what system to get? thax
  2. Goatman

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    Take a look at the Yamaha 5.1s or the Logitechs. I have heard both, they both sound great (not as good as the Klipsch but good). if you don't at least have a Sound Blaster Live! series card I'd upgrade (sound card).
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    I've got the Logitech's. They're AMAZING. The easily rival the Klipsch, and for a hundred bucks or so cheaper! :D

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    for a sound card, i have seen many awesome reviews for the SonicFury (Turtle Beach) sound card - I hear it works a damn sight better in WinXP than any SB Live card too (which is a bit crappy cuz I got an SB Live lol)
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    Stick with SB Live! or upgrade to the SB Audigy Card. You will be a lot happier. As for speakers, go with the Logitechs!!!