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Hardware Profile Questions


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I have a laptop, Dell D600, that is acting up a bit.

When the laptop is docked, it takes about 3-4 taps on the power button on the laptop itself to get it to turn on. Also when it is docked, the Ethernet Controller (Wired) does not appear in Windows. It is NOT disabled in the BIOS, or Windows itself.

When the laptop is not docked, one press of the button turns the device right on. Also at this time, all network connections are present and accounted for.

I have checked in the BIOS, everything looks up to snuff. I deleted all hardware profiles on the machine and forced the machine to create new ones.

My question really is this - where are the default settings for hardware profiles stored? I have a feeling something is a bit screwy on this machine and I want to blow them away and start from anew. Something is going on the background, because when I delete them all the get re-created. One is a Docked Profile and one is an Un-Docked Profile.


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Hi Mate,

Have you tryed booting in safe mode? and then deleting the hardware profiles?

This should sort it.. I think..

Im going to check my MCP books if not...

Let me know..



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I did try that, and meant to update the thread as I found the fix...

Each hardware profile is in the subkey HARDWARE PROFILES\N of CurrentControlSet, contained within HKLM\SOFTWARE and HKLM\SYSTEM respectively, where N is an incremental number beginning with 0000.

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Hardware Profiles\Current is a link to the current profile.

Once I toyed around in there a bit, everything is in order :)

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