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Hardware Problem After Bios

Hi all

On my 2nd pc i have an 80GB Samsung HD, Cd Drive and DVD Drive, Ever since i got my DVD Drive ive had problems with it being detected in windows and then it opening when pushing the eject button, well today i was playin a game when the pc froze so i restarted it, i noticed it took awhile detecting the DVD Drive under the IDE Channels, the next screen has a blue box sayin Samsung ontrack utility push space to boot from Diskette or c to boot from CD, This has been there since installing the samsung HD and ususally a second after that coming up XP Continues to load, however this time it doesnt load past that and the K from the work Diskette is missing, i think the pc is still working as when i push the caps button the light on the keyboard still lights up. i have replaced all idea cables to see what if that worked but not look, Also i have disconnected the Cd Drive, Tried to boot it up n still didnt work, so disconnect the dvd drive to find the same problem, only thing is i could only remove the IDE cable from the CD Drive as the power cable is glued in. I have tried to use the samsung utilties but i am having no look getting them to load. Any other utilities i can put on Floppy disk to scan the HD for problems as its the only thing i can think of causing the problem, but the HD is barely a month old?

Please Help



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make sure all of your connections on the drives are firmly installed. power and ide cables. from the motherboard to the drives. all of em

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