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Hardware Firewall


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I have just got my Netgear Modem/Router for use with my newly enabled Broadband connection. The Router is supposed to have a built in Hardware Firewall, but I cannot see any link to it, or means of setting it up. Any ideas anyone? Also it looks as if the Router is always connected to the Internet is this right?
Yes thats right.

Whats the model number?

Your router is probably just NAT in which case there is nothing to configure.


Yeah, it's not like a software firewall. There's no outgoing connection monitoring. Just incoming connections from one port, the WAN port. So there shouldn't be too much to configure, if anything at all.


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Thanks Guys. It's the Netgear DG834. I set up user info on my 1st computer, and it worked fine. When I plugged my 2nd computer in, it didn't even need any info putting into it, it just connected straight away. H

However I am having trouble with my 3rd computer, as there is no lan or High Speed Internet options showing under Network Connections, only Dial Up. I have tried several things but none have worked. The Lan or High Speed Connections option was there on both the other computers by default.


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I expect I am in the wrong Forum now as it has moved away from Firewalls. However I got the Network Connections back again. But I ended up with an entry showing:- Internet Gateway Enabled, Internet Connection, and showing 576kps.

And an entry showing:- Local Area Connection Enabled, and showing 100mbps.

Is this right?

By removing items from Windows Components, I have ended up with only one entry under High Speed Internet. This is showing local Area Connection, enabled 100.0mbps It seems to be running fast enough, but as I said above on the Internet Gateway Connection it was showing 576kps. I think I am getting confused!!
Ignore the "Internet Gateway".

That will only be displayed when UPnP is enabed on the workstation and is really just a logical symbol of the connection.

You may choose to disable UPnP in which case you will only see the Local Area Connection icons.


Edit: Fixed typo.


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Thanks for the info. I removed the Internet Gateway by removing Internet Gateway Devices from the Window Components. I just wondered about the 100mbps, rather than the 576kps, but it looks like they are about the same, as a speed test I have just run shows:-

Downstream 444 Kbps (55.5 KB/sec) 479 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 243 Kbps (30.4 KB/sec) 262 Kbps (inc. overheads)

Which I think is about right.

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