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Harddrive Problems

Today, I went to put XP on my computer I'm selling (http://eck.cjb.net/), and all was going good, so it seemed. I went through the process, created a partition, formatted using NTFS (not quick), and setup had copied all the files to the harddrive and wanted to restart. So I did, then when it tried to boot from the harddrive it said "unable to read disk" or something very similar. And no, it wasn't referring to a floppy, since I set it to boot from harddrive in CMOS after setup had copied the files.

WTF I said. So, I start to re-do the drive. I restart, CMOS picks it up fine, but then windows setup can't do anything to it. When I go to partition it, I delete the partition which is named "Partition1 [unknown]". Then I try to format it but it just stays at 0%. I restart, and notice that "Partition1 [unknown]" is back. Normally, it would say something like "Partition1 [NTFS]" or "Partition1 [Fat32]". Never seen unknown before.

Things I've tried:

Switching out IDE cables. Changing the harddrive from CS to master. Putting both the CD-ROM and harddrive on the same cable. Booting from the XP floppy boot disk, and seeing if I can see the drive, and I can't. I can only see the drive in CMOS.

Previous to this ordeal, I did do a wipe of the drive using some utility. It ran the "gutmann-subb" wipe or whatever. I wouldn't think that could mess the drive up like this though. However, when I did put the program that did it on a floppy, it formatted the floppy in some weird RAW format. Windows acted like the floppy was bad when it tried to read it. But the program worked fine after I booted with it. Maybe it did something similar to my harddrive? But still, that wouldn't explain why it was working the first time...
I think it's dead. I ran the WD diagnostics, it said read error. That would explain why I could install stuff fine but then it wouldn't boot and gave me a read error, imagine that. I did a "write all zeros" and then I tried to format. It got to 13% and crept from there -- about 1% every 3 minutes.


I have had a similar problem with a drive. The first two times I had a problem with this drive, the data got corrupted and inacccessable. Both times writing zeroes to the drive worked. But the third time I couldn't even do a low level format. I have been using PCs ever since they have been around and had never had a hard disk fail once before, or after this. I got really pissed after losing 200GB+ data (Going back and downloading some 6 or so months from the 0DAY section is a REAL treat) and RMAed the drive. The new one seems fine. But yea when you have disk trouble, your best bet is to refer to the manufacturer's diagnostics disk.

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