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Hard out here for a pimp (The Oscars)

Oh my god!!
Does anyone in Hollywood or the whole Hollywood establishment have any taste in music at all, that song was so incredibly rubbish. I am never going to trust another oscar again in my life. What a crock of bullsh-t


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Re: Hard out here for a pimp

Have to give some credit to 36 Mafia though, first EVER rap group to perform live on the Oscars.

Bad choice of song though, I agree :)
Jon is doing alright, but he isn't as funny as he normally is on The Daily Show. I don't think he has quite the same material.

And no I won't give any credit to 36 whoever-you-watsit just because they are a rap group, it should be about the quality of the content not the politics of the situation.


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I didnt watch it really but I did see the thing about making fun of Brokeback Mountain haha

I think Jon could be funnier but he can only do so much during the Oscars without getting in trouble.


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I missed them but one great thing that comes from the Oscars are the bootleg DVD burns from the screener DVD's that they send out to the members for voting!
Oscars were pretty boring.

I really liked Jon - great job. He'll be back next year for sure.
I loved Queen Latifah's reaction to the win by 36 mafia - and Jon's comment as well.

He basically said they look like they are having much more fun here (at Oscars) than anyone else is :)


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:rolleyes:... The only category I really cared about was best animated film, and I was rooting for Howl's Moving Castle (Miyazaki rocks!). Can't say I'm sorry that W&G won though. Love their Nick Park's stuff, too.
I was kinda hoping Corpse Bride would win that, but I wasn't surprised that W&G did. Was rooting for Tim Burton as he's never won an oscar while Nick Park now has four or something :p

I haven't seen Howl's Moving Castle so I didn't have any feelings either way on that.

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