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Hard Drive transfer



OK, here is my situation. I am getting a maxtor 40 gig HD to replace my current boot HD. The one being replaced is only a 6gig HD. I currently have a 20 gig in the PC for most of my software and misc stuff. Is there a way i can make an EXACT copy of everything on my boot HD and transfer it to my new 40 gig HD without having to do a fresh install or lose any info that may be linked from the boot HD to software on my 20 gig HD? I hope this makes sense.



Confused and Bewildered
I just did exactly what you describe (also to a Maxtor 40 gig 7200rpm drive, which I love, by the way!) using Partition Magic 7. Just plug in your new drive and choose the option to copy partition. After reboot, you should be able to remove old drive and boot to new one with no prob. Worked great for me!
yeah, your gonna need a tool such as parition magic or ghost, although I know Western Digital has a tool that does this on their lifeguard disk that comes with the drives, not sure if other companies do the same.


ok, so basically what I should do is:

remove 20 gig HD, plug in 40 gig HD, use PArtition magic to copy partition to 40 gig HD. Shutdown, remove old boot HD, move 40 gig to master boot HD, plug 20 gig back in(as slave), and should be all set?

if thats it, sounds easy enough.

I guess i would have been smart by using the 20 gig as a boot from the beginning eh? would have made it much easier on me. Oh well. What is life if its easy..


For some reason now, I am thinking I saw an option with XP to copy a partition. Like when you go in to do a fresh install, I thought I remember seeing an option to copy or transfer partition. I could be wrong. It was either on that or with the Maxtor software. Anyone know of this?

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