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Hard drive stuttering?windows crashing?


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hi there, wondering if anyone can help me, my device manager says my hard drive/dvd drive and cdrom drives are scsi, but before there were not. this only happened after i re-installed windows. also, after this happened, i found the system crashing, and the hard drive and cpu were working when no processes were occurring,hence stuttering and working very slow. i am currently using windows media center edition 2005. prior to the re-installation, there were no such problems. is there anything i can do to fix it?
any help would be appreciated!


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The thing that is baffling me nothing like this has happened before. Hope the the specs help,my specs are(nothing is overclocked, as i dont know how to do it properly!!): amd2800+xp barton, 1gb dual kingston ram, 256mb geforce fx, mobo: biostar m7ncd pro. p.s. the pc is not overheating to cause the system to crash.

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
How about motherboard drivers have you installed those? SCSI is used now alot and is faster then most IDE ... when you say hard drives and cdrom, where are you seeing this information?
Bad installs happen...

When booting hit the key (del) that sends you into BIOS. On the first menu screen check that the IDE channels are set to auto detect your drive types. If you have to change them remember to save the changes before exiting. If not just exit without saving.

In Device Manager under Disk Drives and DVD/CD Rom Drives uninstall the devices. (Left click the drive name then right click and select uninstall from the menu.)

Then under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers uninstall the bus master IDE, primary and secondary IDE channels.

Now reboot and windows will reinstall the drivers for the HD and Optical drives and the IDE controller. It may prompt you for help with finding the MB chipset IDE Controller. It came on the CD with your MB. Windows XP can usually find the right one by itself, not sure about media edition. So have the CD handy. If you don't have it go to the MB website and download the latest IDE drivers for your MB before starting the uninstall.

When all done installling it will tell you to reboot to finish the install.


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thank you for a prompt response to both users!, ok i shall try that! i saw the hard drive and cd rom being scsi in the device manager application which i accessed from my computer. also, my hard drives are ide, being treated as scsi. I have installed all mobo drivers too...im starting to think the pc is going through a phase!!!

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
I know S-ATA drives sometimes (or maybe always) show as SCSI. I know mine do on my desktop. But you salready said there IDE, so this is a puzzle.


OSNN Junior Addict
yeah its a bit of a puzzle, but i think the ultimate question is, does it really matter, and will it affect the hard drive physically, because if it doesnt, i dont think i will be too fussed, any help on this would be appreciated!!!!!

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