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Hard Drive Problem


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I recently upgraded my system, I got a new hard drive but kept my old 1 when i start windows wiv my new 1 it works fine and recognises the old hard drive but when i try to go on it to get my old stuff back it says "The disk in drive e is not formated do you want to format it now" i dont i want my stuff back off it is there anyway to. I also tried getting my pc to load with that hard drive but it just say something like windows error could not load and freezes. Any ideas
When you upgraded did you install a new MB or Video card as well as a new HD?

Assuming you installed a new MB or Video card - Since you upgraded your old drive still has the driver files on it for the old system so you can't boot from it anymore. You should be able to read it though.

Check the jumpers on the back of the HDs. The new drive should be set for Master and the old drive should be set to Slave.

When you installed windows on the new HD was the old HD connected?


OSNN Junior Addict
Yh i did install a new motherboard and graphics card also ram and a processor . I think the old 1 was in when i installed windows on my new 1

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