Hard Drive Problem - WeC!We1101Bc-10cCc0!!!!!!!!!!!



Alright I got this western digital drive ... 100gb ... it was workin one day perfectly and I was playing some game ......... then by accident my chair hit the reset button. It rebooted and then winXP dected the drive as WeC!We1101Bc-10cCc0!!!!!!!!!!! and of course its digitally signed and all that crap so I have to wonder what the hell is it ..... have I been hacked or is that some real drive? ........ Why does it detect that .......... Also it doesn't allow me to access it anymore or anything and it doesn't show up on the explorer ......... any info would be great. I hope I didn't fry it :(


hardware monkey
i'm thinking the drive itself is physically fine... but the registry info for it is messed up in windows. try removing the thing in device manager and letting it reboot and redetect it.

if that doesn't work, remove it again, turn off your computer, disconnect the drive, and let windows boot up. make sure there's no instance of the drive in device manager (if there is, remove it). then turn it off and reconnect the drive and see if it's okay then.

if it still don't work right, hook it up to a computer that's never seen it and see if it's okay. if it's still messed up, the drive it most likely fuxx0red. }:\

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