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Hard Disk Speed

I'm looking into a new hdd for my laptop (the 40gb 4200rpm is pretty hopeless). Generally, would a higher capacity hdd be faster than a lower capacity hdd of the same rpm-age (if thats a word :) )? So if i got a 100gb 4.2k hdd, would it be any faster than my current one?
Rotational speed is generally the primary deciding faster in data retrieval rates.

you watn 7200-10,000 RMP for the best retrieval rates. Not sure what laptsops go to but I know you can get 5400 RPM which should see a ncie ncrease over 4200. However te faster it goes the hotter it gets and the more juice it uses... bear that in mind :D
yeah, an 80gb 5.4 is probably the best - relatively cheap, faster and twice the capacity. but it still interests me if increased capacity means xtra speed, because i seem to get that impression, but its probably misleading.


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If its the same speed, then it won't be faster, as the HD size only effects the capacity not the efficiency. the rotational rate effects speed so if you got a faster RPM drive it would move data more efficiently (and I just did an A+ hardware exam on this and it came up as a question)

As LordofLA said, a faster drive will create more heat so you need to make sure you have enough cooling / airflow in the laptop if you decide to go for a faster HD.

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