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Happy Valley is starting to look very, well, "Happy" ..


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I tell you in these past couple days, here in Happy Valley (State College, Pa - home of the Penn State Nittany Lions - Penn State University, for those who don't know) it has been starting to look very nice. The sun has been shining, the trees are starting to bloom. I love spring time. It will be nice to get rid of all that cold weather and snow fall, although there hasn't been much snow this year. It has been a cold winter though.

Anyway, Who else here likes spring ?? I love it, it is my favorite season out of all of them. Fall is in on a close second. :)


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Yes, the bisexual seasons are the best.... the ones that cant quite make up their minds :p You get the best of both worlds I guess. hehe... sorry :)

I would say spring is my favorite, I like sunshine so its a bit more uplifting then the depressing dying back of the trees.


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Did joe Pa open spring camp?

Fall would be my favorite, because of American football. In Southern California, we don' t really have seasons, although with all the rain fall this year all these pretty colors came out. weird? :eek:

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