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Hangs prior to Xp logo



hi peeps!

A while ago my pc started to hang after loading that "load bar" prior to the XP logo. (Sometimes it loads all the way to Win and I can work it fine... sometimes it just hangs there)

Actually they started after I installed a DVD-ROM drive and moved around some files with 2/3gb.

At first I thought that something might have gone wrong with windows, so I formatted the drive and reinstalled windows.

The problem remained, so I turned my attention to the hdd. It was a IBM deskstar 40gb... yes I know that IBM hdd tend to "fry" after a year or so.

Has I thought it could be the hdd... I replaced it with a new one...The thing is it still does that hangin' stuff.
I haven't flashed the mobo's BIOS yet.

I've got a MSI k7t Turbo with kt133a and a Amd Tbird 1.2ghz.
I know that for windows XP boot cd to word it has to be in a atapi cdrom... after installing XP, I took of the cd-rom and replaced it with a CD-RW... So now I have a CD-RW and DVD-ROM... does windows have any problem with this config?
What could it be?

Tks in advance.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Welcome to the forums JotaC. :)
Just had a look at the link you provided & If this is your problem I don't think it is the hard drive.

Quote from site>
"If you can start the computer from the boot disk without receiving an error message, the damage is limited to the master boot record, the boot sector, or the NTLDR file. After Windows is running, you should immediately back up all data before you attempt to fix the boot sector."

So if you are not receiving an error message the problem is limited to the above. See if you can troubleshoot you way through the instructions at the site & let us know how you go.

Also you might want to check this out. Might help, might not.


Hi! Tks for the welcome :p

I'm not getting any error messages, but how can the boot sector be damaged on a new hdd with a XP fresh install?

See what I mean? Very twilight zonish ;D

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