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    Is It just me or halo and unrealII have lot incommon. I first bought unreal 2 for pc and just couple of days ago I bought xbox and halo too play with it (Just to know what's the fuss is about:blink: ) While I was playing lot of things seems familer. Then I realized that its not exact copy of unreal2 but something like it, well sorry other way around unreal 2 is like halo. The hero is on the ship they go planet to planet to save some people(unreal2), The hero is in the ship and goes to one planet to save human kind(halo).
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    "Is It just me or halo and unrealII have lot incommon"...er, no, Halo is good Unreal 2 isnt. ;)
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    what's the diffrence the story seems to be the same(ps, I havn't finished halo yet but the level I am in it seems the same accept few grafic flaw in ureal.
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    there are some differences

    halo is all out fun... unreal II is a boring game.. there is little atmosphere other than teh visuals...

    there are a lot of similarities... I saw that when I first played the game but halo has more fun bad guys and better weapon and game management... I love cooperative play...

    unreal II suffers the problems of its more famous siblings.. unreal2k3... another let down of a game..

    btw... unreal II takes only a few hours to finish... halo will keep you going for a while and is a splendid experience...

    other than the basic storyline rip-off.. unreal II is a visual treat and a gaming travesty...