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Halo 3 Problem


I am now on my 3rd halo 3 disc. And i have had the same problem with all 3.

Yesterday...i got halo 3.......got an xbox live match running...then it crashed.

Restarted....and the halo 3 title screens were fuzzy....and theres no music.
The single player campain says 'failed to load content' and matchmaking boots me out straight away..

So..i went and took the disc back...got a new one.....same thing happened.

My friend took my bad disc and put it in his machine..it worked fine.

So he gave me his disc...and i was playing it earlier..for about 5 hours.....then i played some gta....and just now tried to play halo again........and the problem has started all over again.

GTA iv works fine..now problems whatsoever.

Why is this happening....why is it only happeneing sometimes....what can i do....help...please =]



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clear the map cache:
To perform the function, access ‘memory’ in the system blade, and then highlight the hard drive. Now press: Y, X, X, LB, RB, X, X. The following message should appear: “Do you want to perform maintenance on your Xbox 360 storage devices?” If you initiate maintenance, the hard drive’s cache will be cleared


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hey bobsalot,
when you say this (Yesterday...i got halo 3.......got an xbox live match running...then it crashed.)do you mean you see other players and the map in the lower left corner pops up then changes to another map then boots ya to restart serching......? i just want to make sure its the samething my xbox is doing so i could try what henyman said to do.

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