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Halo 3 Development Video


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can't see the video.... since for some reason it won't load...... but my guess would be that they discover another slew of Halo's that they didn't know existed.... and it's your mission to destroy them? or..... one of the halo's is close to being activated.... and it's your mission to stop it from being activated and destroying a planet...... and then destroy the halo?

edit: was able to see it now..... i'm honestly not that impressed. yeah... it looks pretty... it looks shiny..... do i want to play it? kinda. am i gonna go blow $350 on a 360 to play it? sure as hell not. friend and i were playing through Halo 2's Coop. never finished it. sucks that you can't actually choose to save your game..... only saving at specific checkpoints. my mom wound up turning the console off, and we would have had to start the game WAY back from where we stopped. we just gave up, especially since we were playing for quite a long time, and weren't even half way through the game. would actually have to finish Halo 2 before i'd wanna play the third installment.
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Sweet video.

This is different from what Bungie has done in the past. Usually they are completely tight lipped about the game and they gradually let little morsels of info come out annually at E3.

I hope they can deliver what they're promising. I had some big expectations with H2, and they are even larger for H3.


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I checked this out early on today, it's friggin awsome. There all talking about delivering what they say, saying others have not....I hope they do because this game looks amazing.


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Now this would be one sick ass anime movie if they did this like "Final Fantasy, The Spirits Within". But as long as they follow the story line to a "T" and all 3 are combined. Now that would be sweet.


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yea, well thats what they said, they wanted to close up any lose ends and make one hell of an ending


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Well, tying up the lose ends is easy.

Kidnap the master chief and put him in an unescapable situation where he is taken out

The end of halo and its loose ends :D

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