Halo 2.5 and Xbox 2 – The Bomb!

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    Guess this is kinda a branch off Codence's thread...

    OXM was the first to report about Halo 2.5 revealing that the game is planned as an Xbox 2 launch title but now you’re going to read the very first details, straight from one of our most trusted sources:
    “Halo 2.5 will be an Xbox 2 launch title and is going to run in HDTV resolution with new, improved textures and graphical effects. All the stuff that people expected from Halo 2 but didn’t make the cut will be there.”
    “The technology that powers Halo 2 has been designed from day one to take advantage of the next generation hardware,” the insider added. “In Halo 2, the Xbox was pushed to its limits but now the game will reach new heights with the advanced hardware.”

    But that is not the only info our insider had for us as soon after he dropped the bomb: “Now, here is the twist. Halo 2.5 will come preloaded with the optional HDD. It’ll be one of the two reasons to get the Xbox 2 that comes with a hard drive. The other reason… well, you’ll just have to wait”
    Sounds crazy to us but that’s what we have been told. Interestedly, if this is true, the rumor confirms the existence of, at least, two editions of the Xbox successor.

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    i bet there won't be much diff between xbox and xbox2 graphics. but still good news :)