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Half Life Counter-Strike in XP Pro vs. 98SE



hey, this msg wouldn't pertain to most of you, but for the few poor ppl who have older video cards, do u find that ur fps is much lower in XP than in 98?

I have an ATI Rage Fury with a dual boot of XP Pro and 98SE and i find a dramatic increase in fps in 98SE than in XP.

Is this common?


i have an ATi Rage Fury
-one of the Rage 128 boards

thats for radeon.. will it still work?


It could be because of your drivers.
When you install xp, xp automatically installs the default drivers for your video card which is very universal. However, when u have win 98se, u could have had optimized drivers.

On top of that, win xp uses more ram than win 98 se does. That could be another reason why u see lower fps in xp compared to 98se.

And yes, after upgrading to windows xp on my amd k6-2 450 mhz 64 mb, with voodoo 3 3000 pci, my system was struggling to run cs. in fact, xp closed cs and said there wasn't enough memeory to run it.


its prolly because of the ram usage and the driver set.

im using the Win2k drivers cuz the XP drivers suck so much ass its crazy!
yep, they're right! u need to d/l the refresh rate fix. winxp defaults to 60Hz, and without the fix, this can hurt your fps.

after installing the refresh rate fix, try going into your video card's settings and disabling vsync. this can increase your fps by as much as 40. i haven't noticed a quality difference with it off, so i highly recommend doing that.

in addition, look into buying some more RAM. it's cheap and it makes a world of difference. i have 1GB and everything runs smoothly, but if u bumped your system up to at least 512, or even 768, that should be plenty.

and don't forget to update your video card drivers.

hope this helps! :)
i got increase

I got an increase in fps when runing cs in xp. I have a voodoo 3 3500 AGP. I had a few problems getting opengl to work but i got them. I get 100 fps all the time lol. In win98se, it bounces but that was probably because of something i did wrong.

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