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Half Life 2 VS My ATI Radeon 345M IGP



:( im lost in oblivion! being a regular joe, i am fascinated with these new games thats coming out. My most anticipated is HL2. Paid $50.00, and now i feel like its gone to waste... I have a VAIO P4 2.80Ghz and 448MB of RAM (64MB), and i have a ATI 345M IGP which is shared with my sys mem.

Sadly HL2 wont run no matter how hard i tried, DL latest drivers, updated to DirectX 9c. Called sierra and called sony... now im stuck with a game that i cnt even enjoy. The irony!!

If someone can help me, please do!


Time Dr. Freeman?
sorry...i'm pretty sure you're stuck. shared memory based graphics will never cut it for most games. if you have the money (and an available AGP slot) go buy a real GPU. if you're working on a budget, the 9600xt or the fx5700 ultra will run hl2 pretty well for a relatively minimal cost.
My Toshiba A70 has a mobile ATI 9000 IGP.

Halflife runs good on low/medium settings, too bad yours does not.

I used the latest Omega drivers on my system. Luckily for you its a desktop computer and not a laptop like mine, it will be much easier for you to upgrade if you end up wanting to shell out the cash.

Laptop Specs:
P4 2800GHz
ATI 9000 Mobile 128MB Shared Memory

On my main rig I only have a AMD 2100+ TB chip, and I can run Halflife 2 on High Quality settings.

However I have a performance card in there, ATI 9800 Pro 128MB and 768MB RAM, but hey that card is coming down in price as we speak. I bet you could find it for cheap, or buy someone's old card when they upgrade.

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When you say HL2 will not run do you mean Steam will not run or Steam runs fine but game crashes.
Also, have you looked in the Steam HL2 forum.


thanks homebois...after weeks of giving up... i tried fixing it and i downloaded some Omega drivers and it worked!!! =) but lately i dont have time to play..thanks ya'll

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