Half-Life 2 no-cd/virtual drive


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Ok...... does anyone know if either one of these will cause steam account bannage or something of the sort? kinda getting sick of having to have my DVD in if i want to play Half-Life: Source, CS: Source, or HL2.

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I am sure Valve will turn off cd protection eventually, it is a contractual obligation.
Try backing up your source/hl2 related .gcf cache files and make Steam download em (over time I guess...) then you would hav ethe Steam version wouldn't you?

Haven't and won't be looking at the "retail" version of the game so I don't know.


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All they require is a valid CD-Key registered to a user at the end of the day. All retail versions of HL/CS has required the CD in drive in order to start the game. However, you may get away with downloading HL2/CS Source off Steam if you're willing to re-install the game. This does not require the CD, but you should get confirmation that this method is allowed by Steam/Valve.

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The CD requirement is a contractual agreement between Valve and Vivendi... part of the same deal with the original Half-life game ... which no longer requires the CD (and didn't after a few patches of the original game)


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Sorry for going a bit off topic but I'm sort of interested in getting HL2 but I'm not so sure about steam. The last time I had steam installed I noticed it's a frickin bandwidth and resource hog, does this still apply? Do you NEED steam in order to use HL2 legally?

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Yes you do mate.
Its not a resource hog tho, you just have to be patient and let it download what it needs to, to get everything updated.

So if I can do it on dial-up I am sure the rest of you can :)

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Steam uses lots of memory on startup but if you minimize the main menu before closing it then this goes down to almost nothing.
In fact, anytime you see steam using lots of resources you can do this with any of the menu windows and it reduces memory usage of Steam.
Minimize then close not just close. :)

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