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Half-Life 2: Episode 2 (Orange Box) - It's gone gold!


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The Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Orange Box has finally gone gold. This is the version that contains HL2, HL2:E1, HL2:E2, TF2 and Portal, meaning that if you own any of those games you will have to buy it again, though apparently you can "give" away your extra licence should you wish.

No word on the Steam edition of the Black Box, which has already been cancelled for retail.

Electronic Punk

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The word:
Black box will not be released.
Orange box buyers (inc. those on steam) will be given passes (or retail will just have the keys) to give to friends on its release.

The various parts of the orange box will be available seperately once it is released.


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That's ok, so long as they release the individual games on Steam. They'd be shooting themselves in the foot doing anything else, especially considering that they are only releasing the Orange Box for retail shops.

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