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Half-life 2: Aftermath Shots

Electronic Punk

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Taken from some Korean site so I have no idea what is being talked about
Both shots would seem to indicate that the rumours about the playing character being Alyx are false. Hopefully we will be Gordon again :)
Wonder if we will come up against Alan Shephard or figure out that G-man is either Gordon from the future or an alien - either way he is a good guy that doesn't like the Combine!



I'm sorry Hal...
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Nice pics. Can't wait for this to come out! Maybe it will be like Max Payne 2 where you play the other character for a portion of the game

I think G-Man being Gordon from the future is stupid, doesn't make sense.

I've seen some other pics where you can that you get to meet those weird worker things that you see roaming around the citadel during the game

Electronic Punk

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yeah, I think an alien is more likely.
It is quite clever how the story seems to be shaping up completely, as it was actually the combine that enslaved zen


F@H - Is it in you?
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I wonder if Barnie will repeat as the lead character while Gordon goes into hibernation?
Nice pics. Holy Cow that girl is really hot! I'm not as big a gamer as I use to be but HL2 was an incredible experience. It really raised the bar on gaming, expecially with the human eliment regarding facial movement.

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