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haiku thread

Are you Japanese? If so you should not have tried to mislead!

Anyone interested in learning more about Haiku should look up the great writers like Basho, Issa and Buson, and on the look-out for modern writers in English, too. Keep in mind that "More than inspiration, it needs meditation, effort and mainly perception to compose a real Haiku". (Rodrigo de Siquiera)

Is this you alchol?
Originally posted by freightgod
Dave, I should never
Have called you a nitwit but
You are so obtuse!
Obtuse is not a word I would have used (as it is the same as nitwit). I am not stupid or intelligent or any ways in-between. I take things as they appear. When you write something it can contain many meanings not apparent to you at the time or writing. Things are more complex than this as the beholder of the writing will interpret it in their own way that’s why the very subject you talk about exists.

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