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HAH! I found you



Not really all that surprising...

I am just glad to have the forums back. Now if I ever get my "real" computer back, I will be the preverbial "Happy Camper".

I still have the PC Magazine issue that introduces the new POWERFUL 486...

Trust me...it sucks :mad:

~~Missing the P4~~


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I remember before windows 95 came out, me and my buddy, and his hot 16 year old sister would look at playboy dot com and search yahoo with generic tearms like "sex".

They had AT&T dial up, a 66mhz and a 500 megabyte hard drive, god was it slow.

And windows 3.1.

We only used it to play Flight Simulator (wich could only be run through MS DOS), porn, and Paint.

The big thing on Windows was Paint. *sigh* how i miss those days.

I'm just curious, but how slow is a 486?

Is it worse than my buddy's old 66mhz?
They made the 486/50 when i was 16 and fresh out of school..

When I was just out of school the first 0086 chip (8 bit) was still on the drawing board. Televisions had valves in them and transistor radios were made by Roberts (these are now collectors items and sought after).

The downside is not getting older but that you are all still using the logig of this original chip. And it's only three generations down the road as everyone is a speed freak.

Well it's nearly Christmas again!!


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I worked for a company back when we were using 286's and the big thing was a New 386. All our programs were dos based. Try doing a news letter or training manuals without spell checks and "cut and paste". My first personal home computer was a 486sx 33mhz with a 255 mb drive!


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I remember now....

Originally posted by Chastity
My guess would be bout the same. Hey Sprung hope u get ur P4 back soon.


I remember when I had to sell my roommate my "Smokin" 486 DX2 66 when I needed rent money. I had only 6 months before, upgraded from my Tandy 286. (with a CGA Monitor!) I was playing Descent and Wing Commander 2 on it and loving every second of it. I was heartbroken. . Descent was addictive as hell! I used to OWN online! Ahhhh, those were the days, the birth of Wrathchild...:D

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