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hacked and need help

i recived a trojin oer mirc and norton picked it up but it said acess dined to the prog, i manualy removed teh parts of it and killed the main program but it still has a exe and it it was created by Coldlife: and prog info and sig is: Coldlife v4 ownz everyone. Shouts to m00l, coolme, zeta6969, obs staff. and Copyright © 2002-2003 Liv[e]viL/icmp & w4nk-h3r

if anyone has anyinfo on this or anything then i would like ot know it, it was origialy the IRC Trojan.
it's now in your system restore ponits,so disbale it and then enable it so every file there is deleted.also run a firewall to see if there is anything going out to connect.

Gus K

NTFS abuser
You could also try Agnitum's Tauscan, it has a 30 day free trial.
http://www.agnitum.com/, but as Octo said usually the only way to get stuff out of system restore is to disable before a scan, and in doing so you will lose your restore points.
i have system resore disabled but i think i have it fixed and so far so good, i spend about a day in safe mode deleating everything that was created on that date tha ti dont know about and a lot of other stuff. thanks for all of your help

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