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I would like to apologise to these people for the British government for stabbing them in the back.

I would like to thank them for all their help during all the conflicts involving the British going back at least 200 years, for putting their lives on the line to fight for a nation that now via Tony Blair and his band of anti English slime bags has bought to it's knees.

I write this as the UK will allow streams of criminals from eastern europe to trawl here and claim asylum or enter via the back door to run prostitute rackets, sell guns and drugs and steal.

Gurkhas have applied for citizenship in the UK and have been refused. These guys and gals work dam hard for a living, they are smart and well trained individuals.

Once again Tony Blair and his crusade to become some kind of humanitarian and his track to become an European preseident is tarnished once again.

Once again I must apologise to the Gurkhas for all they have done for Britain and if it was upto me I would build you Palaces to live in.
Well I'm not even English :p But I guess I might just mosey on over and help kick some **** when it comes to it ;) After all, didn't the Boers prove that us South Africans can fight :D


Arte et Marte
Hear Hear, Lee

I served with these wonderful lads on a few occasions, particularly in Central America (Belize) and they are first class soldiers & people. I would be proud to have any of them as neighbors - lets just keep out the other sponging riff-raff (WE know who they are)


Blame me for the RAZR's
im a bit lost.. but im a American... so i will go hide in a corner.. sigh.. Tony blair is a ass but hey you dont have a man who looks and acts like an idiot when he talks to his nation.


sraycoz said:
im a bit lost.. but im a American... so i will go hide in a corner.. sigh.. Tony blair is a ass but hey you dont have a man who looks and acts like an idiot when he talks to his nation.
The guy is a complete and utter ******* and when he speaks to his nation whoever he thinks they are it's all lies and more lies, topped with verbal diarrhea.

During world war two when the Gurkhas went after the Japs, the Japs pooped themselves and ran like rats being chased by a flame thrower.

My grandad served in two wars ww1 and ww2, though he died in 1971 he told my father how much these guys helped us. He said it 1 Gurkha was like having 3 extra men. These guys could creep up on the enemy and slit their throats without them hearing, they made less noise than the breeze.

Well I have said enough, I wish we had the Gurkhas running our Police force, then the criminals would know what hit em!


I thought I would bring this up again. When illegal immigrants plant their illegal backsides in the u.k. and some have been found 10 years later, most of them then claim asylum, given free nhs, free schooling, free money, free housing, run prostitution, traffiking, stealing, dealing drugs, driving unlicenced cars/mini cabs etc..etc.. and then it takes 3 appeals to get rid of them even comign from a country not in warfare, not taken aslyum under the UN convention, which clearly states you can apply for asylum in the next safest country, the govenment have made a small u-turn that Gurkhas only discharged from the British army after July 1st 1997 can stay.

Well that's still not effffffing good enough Blair, all serving soldiers their kids, wives should be able to stay, I appreciate all the hard work and you putting your lives at risk for me.

Read more, I am so annoyed:



Well Lee, I am an Indian and I appreciate that at least some Englishmen recognize the Gurkhas for what they've done for Britain, especially against the Japs in World War 2.
Even now, Gurkhas are the lifeline of the Indian Army and they are really tough.
As for Tony Blair, F him.

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