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a lot is touted on this website and the forums and the chat channel about following regulations...

I have seen people banned/kicked/warned for not following the appropriate guidelines... but I want to know if there is a different set of standards for moderators?

it is not right to post the guidelines... thwart them and then expect everyone else who does not have mod powers to obey blindly...

the mirc chatroom does not have language restrictions.. and we pretty much post what we want to post... but i thought PORN or links to nudity were frowned upon...

I am not going to name any names but there are people regularly posting links to PORN/nudity on the irc chatroom...

if this is allowed.. disregard... if not please ensure the forum guidelines are followed and are the same/similar for all...


there... thats my vent...


F@H - Is it in you?
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I did say I will not name names... I showed iceman already he should be able to give info on this..

its not such a big deal really... just the principle...


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I'll have to learn to watch my language on there :D

Try no to restrict discussions in there, just nothing illegal like warez etc.

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