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GTA4... Need I say anymore?


Red Sox Fan!
Well, I will anyway.

Rockstar games is going to be releasing their 4th installment of the every so popular Grand Theft Auto series. This time, you run your crime spree through the streets of NYC. The game is planned for release in October so we have some time to wait and see more trailers, but here's the one that they released just a few days ago.


Despite the fanfare for the latest edition of the game, NYC Mayor Bloomberg is upset that their precious city is associated with such a violent game. They don't want NYC to be depicted as a crime filled city.

Even though Rockstar has done Liberty city (Chicago based), Vice City (Miami based), San Andreas (San Diego, San Francisco, and Las Vegas based). None of those cities had any problem with the game being based on.

The graphics look oustanding if you watch the trailer, but don't they all.


Quazatron R6 droid
I think the graphics look pretty normal for games of its ilk nowerdays: I just hope they just do more with the things you can do, rather than just steal cars etc. Maybe they could add doing a bit of parachuting ala Just Cause?


Quazatron R6 droid
aah, don't think I got to that bit

I need to replay that game really - but I have too many new games like C&C 3 and a version of LOTR Shadows of Agmar competeing for disk space.


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It looks pretty good, first time I watched the trailer I was pleasantly surprised to finally see some halfway decent graphics. However, after watching the video a couple times I realized its really not that great. The water looks great, the lighting looks moderately good. Honestly though, I would of expected more of such a popular game, especially in its first appearance on the next gen console. Granted its hard to tell much from just a brief teaser video but thats just view on it. Either way though, as soon as it comes to PC I will buy it.


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san andreas was killer ... i loved listening to my own tracks while shooting cops haha ... phil collins and hank williams sr. LOL im laughing thinking about it .... even the included soundtrack was good. the jetpack was a bit over the top ... but the game was great.


Quazatron R6 droid
Has there been any previews etc to mention the gameplay features, as sure shiney graphics look nice but I would rather play something with gameplay than with just shiney graphics.

It seems as though graphics are corrupting the nature of games sometimes and turning them into showpieces.

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