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GTA Vice City


Boogie Nights...!
Anyone else enjoying the delights of this game!?


i have to say the soundtrack is fantastic....retro loveliness!


Apple lover, PC User
I love vice city! Best game out there. I am too cheap to by the soundtrack and too lazy to download it though. But I love playing the game on my ps2. Only two more days until its on pc. (May 14th)

For more infomaton on Vice city for pc click here.



It isn't too bad for the PC, but the graphics are kinda subpar nowadays. It looks pretty much exactly like the last. Other then that, I admit, fun game.


the retarded one
it runs surprisingly smooth on my PC, i thought it would be bad! and i'm disappointed with enter the matrix, the camera is so annoying and they walk like they've soiled themselves! :huh:


Create own mp3 player

i dont know if the rest of u caught this, but there is a sub-folder in your GTA vice city directory where u can put mp3s. Once they are in that folder it creates its own radio station, or as it is titiled in the game as Mp3 Player! Just thought it was kinda kool to have that on the PC version


I havnt played vice city yet but I do know that GTA3 had the same thing for the PC. And if you make shortcuts to your mp3 and put them in the mp3 sub folder it will play them:) so you dont have to copy them there. plus you can make a shortcut to your cd player if it has a disk with mp3s it will play them off the disk if you have limited space on your HD:blink:


I just got the letter from ebgames it shipped couple of hours ago. I will have it by tomorrow.
just wondering...

i was just wondeirng if there was a way i could copy the whole cd over for GTA:VC juts like how it was done in GTA3 so my computer doesn't have to load the CD during gameplay... if anyone knows of a way please respond, as i am getting sick of putting in the CD all the time i wanna play...thx

razor: you can make an image of the cd using Nero or your favorite burning program, then use Daemon Tools to mount it onto a virtual drive. Thats how I have mine set up. Presto, bno more loading cd's....it is always loaded onto my "G" drive, which is virtual.


Boogie Nights...!
Dennis Hopper!!!! Burt Reynolds!!! No way!!!!!
Thats insane!

Also: Jenna Jameson!!!!!!!! ...not that i know who she is.... ;)

This is freaky!!


I remember in GTA 3 there was a small file you could download that would randomly number your mp3's so it would not play them in alphabetical order, but i forgot where i downloaded it from, anybody know where i can get this for vice city?


I've been looking for that exact same thing, the mp3 randomizer. but not had any luck - mustn't be available yet :(
But if you do come across it, post a link up here - sick of changing my mp3 shortcuts around to avoid listening to the same tracks over and over again.

Lol, I remember on GTA3, before I found that patch, I had used GoldWave to replace all the radio stations with my own mp3 selections so I could flick from tune to tune - wish I'd saved em now cos I can't be bothered taking the time to do it all again.

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