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GTA Vice City MAJOR problem here.


The One and Only
Ok, i am completely stumped about this problem. Whenever i play GTA Vice City, i get to play it from anywhere around 2 minutes to maybe 15 minutes, and then all of a sudden it freezes, but music still plays. It doesn't exit out or anything. just sits there. Is there a fix for this or is anyone else having the same problem? here are my system specs, which shouldn't be the problem.

Intel Celeron 1.2 Ghz (yuck by the way)
256 MB SDRAM (yuck again)
Asus V9520/TD GeForce FX 5200 128MB DDR

those are probably the only specs that the game HAS to go by.
I have GTA VC and had similar problems. The only thing I've heard (seriously!) is that the problem comes with installing it on an NTFS-formatted drive. Yes, it sounds silly, but still, I'm going to install it to a FAT32 partition right after work and let you know what I find out.
ive got it on NTFS Formatted and its fine!! i had Graphics problems an Quiting Problems so i downloaded an unofficial patch, sorry i 4get where i got it from.


The One and Only
ste_w, do you remember what the name of the patch was or would you be able to try to find it? one of the reasons i got the video card was so i could play VC on my desktop.
Make sure u got the latest Drivers 44.03 from www.nvidia.com or the latest Direct x 9 which is 9b, also i had kinda the same problem with Hitman2 it turned out to b my sound card drivers, Try either disabling EAX in the Game or Get the latest sound card drivers.
Hey! I no longer crash. There were three things I did: I set the sound to "DierctSound Software Emulation", quit using the +13 Trainer (if you don't use it, let me know so I can eliminate that as the problem), and disabled my virus scanner.

Hope this works for you!

EDIT: I suspect it's the trainers in general, because they mess with the memory in GTA.


The One and Only
HandyBuddy, thanks for the advice. don't have the chance to try it now. I'll try it later. have to reinstall it on my laptop since my video card is on the fritz.

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