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GTA Vice City help needed


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Hi, I can use some help here :)
I am stuck. cant finish the Dildo Dodo mission, and it's the only one I've got left to finish the game.
Can anyone please help me with that?
I've attached my saved game.
Please, please please....

Oh, how to do I add my saved games???

please help

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You don't need to attach your saved game. There are 2 things that you could do to help your figure out this level.

I myself have not played it, at least not that far. Search on google for a walkthrough on it and that should help you out quite a bit. If not, in the end you could just find some cheats for the game that might help you beat it.


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unicornn, at the bottom click on "go advanced", then when the new page loads under "additional options" click on "manage attachments"

From there you can attach the file.


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