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GTA VC Patch v1.1..undo


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hey i download the gta vc patch and want it off to use the trainer...does anyone know if they make an unpatch type on thing..i dont want to uninstall...too much to get it going the way i had it...or does anyone have another trainer that will work on v1.1?
Unleashed said:

Tsk tsk, cheaters :rolleyes:

I knew someone would say that...

Cheating is only wrong when you are competing with another person. It makes games more fun for those who do it in single player games.

Unless, of course, you're playing a stealth game like Thief, then it ruins it.

Electronic Punk

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It also means you are not really benefitting from the cash you paid for the game.
Had there been cheats for Space Invaders, you think it would be so popular?
Lol you have a point there. To me, cheating is removing the limits from your game, bending the rules as you see fit, and making the game conform to your slightest whim. I want to rule the world.
Hmm... I don't believe in cheating w/ online games (ppl that do should be put to death) but I don't see any problems with a single player game ... especially if it's a GTA game as after your done w/ it why not cheat? Its not really like a tatical game or something that you can try and beat a different way or something.
Yeah, it is fun to cheat ONLY after you finish a game. It makes it a bit more fun. However, I do not believe in cheating in multiplayer, only people with no skill do that. :rolleyes:


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anyone know how to use a hunter? i know this is so random.......i used the gta ultimate trainers(thanx to Sharpening_beneath because i read this forum)
and idk how to use the hunter's machine guns
i have the pc version

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