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GTA VC ( CD required )


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First after I've had this game
Installed from the first cd , then required the second and at almost 70% of installation message appeared :

Wrong cd inserted . Please insert the correct disk

hmm , ok , inserted the first again and after 2 min appeared :


Wrong volume laber . Compression error on radio stations ..
Must mention that on installation options Radio Stations ( he only option there ) were cheked . If I don't check these , installation required only 5 min and the works fine but I must insert the VC cd for playing ( I think >> ) the radio stations ..
CD is required for starting the game ..

1. What can be done cause I don't agree inserting every time the cd in device , also the performance would be affected .

Any ideea ?


Free to Fly
this may quickly become a warez arguement thread, but there is a no-cd crack available. as you own the game there wont be a problem with legalities.


I may actually be insane.
:eek: You said warez!!! *slap*

If you do own the original then using a no-cd patch should be ok, as long as no-one posts links to the sort of sites that provide it we should be ok.

Of course if it's an illegal copy, then.. hah! :p


if you're having problems installing the game, then take it back and get another copy, and dont waste your time fixing or trying to find a way around it.

If you want a no-cd crack try kazaa or e-mule
Actually, that happened to me also. Legal version. I juggled CDs , intentionally putting in the wrong one a few times. After about 2 minutes of refusing to recognize it, it went on it's way installing, with the correct CD in. No idea why.


Graphic Designer
I have it from a friend , he told me two minutes ago ( at the phone ) that at him works but I don't believe him , don't know why :rolleyes:

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